Paris by bike

Would you like to discover Paris in an original and ecological way ? Try Vélib', the Parisian bike rental system which is available for tourists and features thousands of Vélib' bikes across the capital. All open 24/7, the hundreds of stations Vélib' are located only a few hundred meters from each other !

How does it work ?

Paris by bike Do you want to discover Paris in an environmental and economical way ? Vélib' is a system of self-service bike rental, which offers 24/7 several thousand bicycles through Paris. Very easy to use, this service allows you to take a bike in one of the many stations in Paris, put it in another, and that as many times as you want. With a station every 300 meters, you can circulate in Paris freely, day or night, after the closure of the subway.

Equipped with lights front and rear, the bicycles are mixed and controlled each day by maintenance agents. On the front, a large capacity basket allows you to carry your shopping bags without difficulty.

Rates and subscriptions*

To enjoy the Vélib' services, you need to pay a subscription "short term" available at any automatic terminal. With these tickets Vélib' for 1 day or 7 days, the first half hour of your journey is free.

Short-term subscription**



1 day

1 euro

7 day

5 euros

Whatever the type of subscription you have chosen, the first 30 minutes of all your trips will be free. After this half-hour, the additional costs listed below will be automatically debited from your bank account.

Rates after 30 minutes



First extra half hour

1 euro

Second extra half hour

2 euros

As from the third extra half hour

4 euros

* All kinds of bank cards are accepted : Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro MasterCard and American Express, JCB cards and Moneo.
** As part of any "short term" subscription, a pre-debit authorization (not actually charged) will come into effect on your bank account, amounting to 150 for security deposit. In case the bike is not returned (beyond 24 hours) or deteriorated by the customer, all or part of this amount can be charged.

For more information, I invite you to visit the official web site of Vélib' in Paris. I kindly remind you that observance of traffic regulations and rules of conduct is essential, even by bike...

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