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Take a look a look at our FAQ. Means of payment, all inclusive prices, references, etc. The vacation rental with Residences-Paris.Com will have no more secrets for you.

Why is payment by check or credit card not possible ?

We prefer receiving the rent in cash because banking a foreign check in France involves the payment of a high commission fee and a one-month transfer delay. As for payment by credit card, it is not possible with Residences-Paris.Com because we simply do not have the necessary terminals.

I prefer not to travel with too much cash. What should I do ?

Albeit no tenant has ever had any problem in the past, I invite you in this case to only take half of the rent with you. Once you have arrived in Paris, you can withdraw the outstanding amount in one of the many cash distributors of the city. Please find on Google Map the address of the closest cash distributor to your apartment. Please note that usually foreigners can not withdraw more than 300 Euros cash per day.

Are some additional cost or taxes added to the rent ?

For more clarity, all prices are all inclusive. This involves all services (unlimited high-speed internet, phone calls depending on the apartment, etc.), your water, gas and electricity consumption, heating as well as cleaning of the linen and the apartment after your depart. Please note that no additional tax will be added to the rent. We do not allow any bad surprises when you rent with Residences-Paris.Com.

* All costs related to electricity, water and gas consumption, heating, bed linen, unlimited Internet connection, local phone calls (and to some international countries) and/or the mobile phone provided (credits are not included), as well as cleaning of the apartment when you leave are included in the total rental cost. Moreover no residential tax has to be paid.

Why does the security deposit amount exceed 300 euros ?

Depending on the duration and the cost of the rental, the amount of the security deposit can be up to 1200 Euros to guarantee your reservation. It is simply a guarantee to compensate the loss caused by cancellation of long-term rentals.

What are your references ?

For over 8 years we have welcomed travelers coming from all continents. Our previous tenants would be happy to share with you their good memories of a stay in our apartments and the quality of our service. I invite you to look at the many testimonies on this site and browse the Guest Books we have scanned for you.

Is the area totally safe ?

All our apartments are located in the safest neighbourhoods in Paris, like Saint-Germain Des Prés, the Marais or the Louvre districts.
In order to increase your security, buildings are digi-code protected, and our apartments have inviolable locks.

What is the best transportation mean to arrive at the apartment ? Which one would you suggest ?

There are many ways to reach our apartments from Paris train stations and airports such as shuttles, taxis, metro or RER, bus or private shuttle. For you, we have prepared a transportation guide for each apartment from/to major airports and train stations in Paris. This information is available on the web page of each apartment.

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